Planning Ahead: Your list of 5 things to do this fall

Oct 15, 2019

Some of these may seem obvious, but if these mundane tasks don’t make it to the to-do list, they probably won’t get done. As you go through this list, think of a few other ways you can prepare your areas of coverage to ensure you get the maximum amount of protection.

  1. Clean out your gutters, or better yet, hire someone to do it for you. This ultimately helps prevent ice dams during the winter, which can cause roof damage and water leaks.
  2. Check that you have the right number of fire extinguishers in your home, and that they’re not expired. Same goes for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (which you should test on a regular basis). Put it on your calendar to do a thorough check.
  3. Clean out your dryer vent from the outside in.
  4. Use battery-operated candles vs the real deal when you can. The new options look very real, create the same ambiance, and mitigate the risk of open-flame candles.
  5. Get your tires checked for winter traction. The quality of the tire tread makes a huge impact during icy and snowy weather conditions and can be the difference between staying on the road and ending up in the ditch.

Remember, prevention never goes out of season! Make a to-do list specific to your own home and yard, and make a habit of properly pampering your property on a regular basis.

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